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Bike Touring Holidays / Biker Friendly Campsites

Bike Touring Holidays / Biker Friendly Campsites and Pubs

Bike Touring Holidays

Motorcycle (motorbike) Touring holidaysMotorcycle and Motorcross Touring holidays in the UK and EuropeHave you ever fancied taking your motorcycle on an exciting adventure through the beautiful valleys of France, the breath-taking mountain scenery of the Italian Dolomites or the majesty of the Swiss Alps? Did you balk at the planning and booking of such a trip? Why not think about going on an organised bike touring holiday instead?

There are a large number of British and European Bike Touring companies offering a huge array of organised trips lasting from as little as 4 days to as long as a few weeks.  You could start with a taster to Normandy, or go for a once in a lifetime bike touring adventure through the Himalayan region close to the Tibet border known as the rooftop of the world.  Most of the Biker tours encompass the most stunning parts of Britain, mainland Europe and beyond, and the holidays are very well organised catering for the bikers every need.  Required documentation will be advised, and maps and kit lists provided by your chosen Bike tour company.

The Bike tours through Europe tend to be guided, which means that the routes and the stop offs are set by experienced tour guides.  Biker Accommodation is pre-booked, and so are many of the meals, and there are frequent coffee/toilet breaks, so there is little for the rider to be concerned about.  Riders can however go at their own pace, as a marker system will be in use to guide them to the next stop.  Some Bike tour companies grade their bike touring to satisfy the abilities and confidence of their clients, and most have a large degree of flexibility allowing riders to set their own itinerary where possible.  A support vehicle with a trailer always accompanies the tour.  This holds medical and bike supplies and can also carry a small amount of luggage.  It seems the tour companies have covered all eventualities and made it so that these holidays are hassle free for bikers.  These holidays are unique, exciting and sociable and for some bikers will be their ultimate riding experience.  Awe-inspiring views and thrilling rides on dramatic roads are a pre-requisite for these Bike Touring holidays.  They come highly recommended, so why not try something different this year?

Biker-friendly pubs and cafés, campsites and biker meets

If you and your friends fancy a good ride out on a perfect summer day culminating in a visit to a biker-friendly pub or café, then luckily there are plenty to choose from around the U.K.  There are a large amount of hostelries (Biker Friendly Pubs) that will welcome your slightly oil-stained cash with glee, providing a great meeting place for bikers as well as giving you a good destination for your trip.  Many of the pubs are also family friendly and offer food, and there are also a plethora of biker friendly campsites to choose from if you are planning a slightly longer trip.  Some of the pubs in particular hold specific biker days or evenings, or have bike meets listed.  Biker meets are usually held on a regular basis, often every week or once a month and are mostly organised by local bike clubs and evemn the local pubs.  These are always very welcoming to new members or fellow riders who may just be passing through.  Tips and tales will be shared over a friendly pint, and many a joke will be cracked at the biker friendly pubs. 

See our comprehensive list of bike friendly pubs, cafes, meeting points and Biker Friendly campsites below, and don't forget to check out our constantly updated directory at

Biker Friendly Pubs, cafes meets and campsites - motorbike friendly campsites.

Biker Friendly Pubs and campsites

Biker Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

Motorcycist friendly biker friendly accommodation
If you are out on your bike and a biker friendly campsite is not for you then why do't you consider a biker friendly Bed & Breakfast enjoying a full hearty breakfast in the morning and the comfort of a bed.  See our list of Biker friendly bed & Breakfasts and self catering accommodation.

Biker Friendly Accommodation - Bed & Breakfasts and motorcycle friendly self catering appartments
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